Aspect offers experienced professional services to home owners, investors and developers to ensure the success of their projects in a timely and cost effective manner. The service means you can spend more time on your business and less time worrying about the construction process.

Project management for individual residential buildings.

The service can be limited to Council applications and Tendering process to ensure that your quotes are comparable in inclusions and detail or extended to have our involvement throughout the project.

The following is generally the scope of works for Stage 1

  • Council submission and respond to Council enquiries. NB prolonged meetings and attending evening meetings are charged at an hourly rate.
  • Tender the project and advise on the winning tender
  • Finalise Builder’s quotes and inclusions
  • Signing of Building contract
The following is generally the scope of works for Stage 2

  • Controlling the works of the Builder and his subcontractors with respect to:
    • Quality of workmanship
    • Ensuring the building reflects the details and intention of the client
    • Time of construction
  • Regular inspections and as required by the builder and owner
  • Respond to any queries on structure, details, finishes etc by the builder
  • Advise on clients selections for finishes (as distinct to an actual design and selecting)
  • Verification of progress claims and works completed
  • Acting as agent for the owner and liaison between owner and builder
  • Pre hand over inspection
  • Handover inspection and signing off on practical completion of project

The fee for the Project Management Service is based on a percentage of the build cost, however, we can generally negotiate a fixed amount once we have discussed the nature of the works.

The payment of the fee is claimed on a monthly basis until the completion of project.